Industry Watch June, 2011

9 Jun

1. Facebook Turns On Facial Recognition For Tagging By Default:

2. Google Acquires PostRank, An Analytics Service For The Social Web:

3. Search Advertising Forecast to Hit $14.38B in 2011:

4. Apple plays customer loyalty, anti-Google cards with iCloud:


Top 10 Overall Search Terms

22 Aug
Top 10 Overall Search Terms

Top 10 Overall Search Terms

Industry Watch Aug, 09

4 Aug

1. Wall Street Journal gunning for LinkedIn: Go here

2. Twitter offers crash course for businesses:

3. Burger King’s Apology for Hindu Goddess Ad is not the first of its kind:

4. Twitter now BLOCKING bad URL’s:

5. Google’s Schmidt resigns from Apple board:

What can we do with Social Media Sites?

29 Jul

Social Media Activities

Integrating Social Media Sites

Driving ROI from Awareness to Advocacy

19 Jun

Tips for B2B Marketing with Video

1. Identify stages in your customer lifecycle where you can use video to deliver your message.
2. Choose a tactic and focus your efforts on executing it well.
3. Hire a video production company who can partner with you to create content.
4. Produce your first video content and publish it with an online video platform.
5. Monitor the success of your initiative and use the insight to plan your next move.

An Update on Google Sitemaps

12 Jun
  1. Google and the other search engines which are a part of now support up to 50,000 child Sitemaps for Sitemap index files (instead of the previous 1,000). This allows large sites to submit a theoretical maximum of 2.5 billion URLs with a single Sitemap Index URL (oh, and if you need more, you can always submit multiple Sitemap index files).
  2. The Webmaster Tools design update now shows you all Sitemap files that were submitted for your verified website. This is particularly useful if you have multiple owners verified in Webmaster Tools or if you are submitting some Sitemap files via HTTP ping or through your robots.txt file.
  3. The indexed URL count in Webmaster Tools for your Sitemap files is now even more precise.
  4. For the XML developers out there, we’ve updated the XSD schemas to allow Sitemap extensions. The new schema helps webmasters to create better Sitemaps by verifying more features. By validating Sitemap files with the new schema, you can be more confident that the Sitemap files are correct.
  5. Do I need to mention that Sitemap file processing is much faster than ever before? We’ve drastically reduced the average time from submitting a Sitemap file to processing it and showing some initial data in Webmaster Tools.