Are You Prepared For An Online Crisis?

21 Oct

A recent survey conducted by Buzz Marketing, and sponsored by Marketing Profs and Trackur, shows that more than half of the B2B marketers polled aren’t adequately prepared for an online crisis.
Although the sample universe was small, it is an indication of what B2B marketers are thinking and doing.

* 60% say they have a good understanding of their current reputation
* 63% don’t have a blogging policy in place
* 53% place strategic importance on measuring and monitoring their reputation in 2008
* Only 42% have a strategic plan in place to manage their online reputation
* More than half (54%) are not monitoring traditional media using services like Burrells/Luce or Bacons
* 63% are monitoring social media and blogs with free online services
* Only 33% use a paid subscription service to monitor online content
* 54% say they are leveraging social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn
* 45% are monitoring their brand on these social networks
* 71% say they are not developing widgets that can be added to social sites

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