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Google-Adobe Agreement for Flash files

18 Oct

Shockwave Flash files can be read and indexed now. The agreement between Google and Adobe in this regard is a noble effort to make the invisible flash file visible for the search engines. Using the “optimized Adobe Flash Player technology”, the search engines can now index rich internet applications of SWF file format. There is no need to change the otherwise attractive Flash content in order to make it suitable for the crawlers to read. There are more than 73 million Flash files on the web which will now be visible with the help of this new technology.

According to Google, the optimized Adobe Flash Player technology has the potential to cover all kinds of SWF files including buttons, menus for self-contained Flash websites. Some of the observers have speculated the linage of the new technology in Silverlight. Silverlight was created by Microsoft to have an edge over Flash.

Although Adobe has prepared this effective solution for Google and Yahoo, in order to make SWF content easily searchable the span of search services, the company is planning to share its Flash indexing technology with other search vendors too. By having solutions for other search engines, Adobe would be able to affirm its foothold in web search market as well.