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Microsites – For Leads, Traffic, Branding & Customer Retention

26 Feb

Microsites are focused, high impact sites useful for advertising an event, launching a campaign or in promoting a brand. Cluster of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website. If you are looking for a new way to acquire customers, a microsite is a solution. Typically 5 to 10 web pages – your product or service is featured, along with key features, description, your offer and a call to action. In many ways, it’s an electronic version of direct mail – except there’s no throwing this promotion away!With a lead-generating microsite like these, the goal is to acquire leads the way that third-party lead providers like Dealix and Cars.com get theirs. They create generic sites that give customers the ability to get a price quote from their member dealer in the area.

Advantages of Microsites:

* Actionable results – Microsites drive action. Lead generation, information requests or orders can be generated with a microsite.
* Continuous promotion – As content is still the king on web. Once you create online content, it takes on a life of its own. Sure it needs to be updated, but now you have a promotion that can generate a continuous stream of new business.
* Customized – A chance to promote your business with your own personalized design, choice.
* Optimized for Conversion
* Customer Focused
* Normally built around – One Campaign, One Brand or One Product Line.

Disadvantage of Microsite:

Sometime not able to generate Leads for which it is built – but still it helps in bringing Traffic, Branding & Customer Retention which is also very essential.

Keys to Success

* Telling your story quickly and succinctly. Many users arrive at a web site and look at one page. If the content is not relevant, they’re gone.
* Continuous improvements – Like exercise, an ongoing effort to maintain and improve your site is the best way to succeed
* Effective promotion – If you don’t promote it, you might as well not build it. Cost-effectively promoting your microsite can drive powerful results.

Thus we can say:

“A good microsite can be your most passionate sales rep, working 24 hours a day.”