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The Secret “10%” of SEO Knowledge and How Information Spreads in the Search World

18 Jan

Things in the 10% might include:

* The names and emails of private link brokers and link sellers whose networks are still passing value.
* IP lists of the search engines’ cloak-detection bots and methods of identifying potential human quality raters.
* Ways around penalties, bans, or other search issues.
* Email access to the right people at search engines, blogs, social media sites, & large web properties.
* Access to email or online lists of effective social media voting groups.
* Methods for scalably grabbing large amounts of competitive intelligence data from the engines or other sources.
* Data on traffic, referrals, and other competitive intelligence information for big brands, sites, and verticals.
* CTRs, CPCs, CPMs, ad payouts, & conversion rates for specific keywords and phrases.
* Lots and lots of other super secret stuff.